On the Retail Experience Manager, under the Reporting tab, you can generate the Weekly Summary Report on the number of people visiting your locations.

To Generate the Weekly Summary Report

  1. On the Retail Experience Manager menu, click Reporting.
  2. On the Reports page, under the Reports section, click Weekly Summary.

  3. On the Criteria for Weekly Summary page, select either a predefined date criteria or the date for the report.

  4. Select Location or Camera, then the specific locations or cameras to be covered in the report.
  5. Once the report criteria is set, click Run Report.

At the bottom of the Weekly Summary Report, there are several buttons. 

To change the criteria for the report, click the Change button. For more information, see To Edit the Criteria for a Report.

To subscribe to the report, click the Subscribe button. For more information, see To Subscribe to a Report.

To export the report to PDF or CSV, click either the Export to PDF or the Export to CSV button, whichever is appropriate. For more information, see To Save a Report to PDF or CSV.

To print the report, click the Print button. For more information, see To Print a Report.